What is Business Insurance?

A Business Insurance Plan specifically created for those in business who in the even of death, disability or critical illness, have financial obligations to fulfill. It protects Business from collapse due to financial hardships. The key areas of protection are partnership / shareholder cover, key person cover and debt cover.

Benefits of Business Insurance

At the outset you are assessed for your future insurance requirements (as selected). This means that you immediately acquire the right to increase your insurance cover as your business grows, based on support financial evidance, with no further medical information required. In fact, you have a future line of insurance credit at your disposal.

Most business have difficulty in matching thier insurance needs in a changing environment. You will not need to undergo further medical assesment when you increase your cover in the future.Only financial assessment is required.

Covers can be reviewed anytime within 10 years of the policy commencement or until age 65, whichever comes earlier.

What is covered?

  • Life Cover and Permanent Term.
  • Total and Permanent Disability.
  • Trauma Cover.
  • Key Person Benefit.
  • Business Overheads.