Health Insurance

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is designed to assist you meeting the financial costs associated with certain health service like hip replacement, knee replacement, cataract removal, heart surgery, hysterectomy, cancer treatments, MRI scans etc.

Benefits of Health Insurance

The public health system has never funded all the health needs of New Zealanders. This is true for many areas of health, such as doctor's visits, prescription costs, and non-urgent surgery where people have queued on wait lists, often for operations they were never going to receive. The public health system's waiting lists have now been replaced by a booking system which makes it clearer that there are surgical needs which not be met from the public purse.

Ageing Population:

By 2025 there are projected to be more New Zealanders 75 or over than teenagers. As the population ages there may be less taxable income and less money for Health System. This has obvious implications for access to the public health system.

Who can have Life Insurance?

Anyone between the ages of 0 & 70 who is either a New Zealand Citizen or a permanent resident is eligible to avail private health insurance. In certain cases where work permit holder residing in New Zealand for more than 2 years are also eligible for private medical insurance. Please contact us for further details on 0508 467 872.

Elective Population

Demand for elective procedure is on the increase. Table shows an example of the increase experienced by one health insurer between 1990-91 and 1999-00.

The Cost of Surgery!

Many people believe they can afford to pay for private surgery if they need it but do they know how much surgery and test really costs

Procedure Description Cost
Cardiac bypass Heart surgery $36,100
Angiogram Diagnostic test $3,600
Angioplasty Heart surgery $20,100
Total hypertension Surgery $9,000
Prostatectomy Cancer surgery 10,000
Excision of cancerous tumor $1,800
Colonoscopy Diagnostic test $2,100
Radical mastectomy Breast cancer surgery $7,500
Gastroscopy Diagnostic test $1,600
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy Gall bladder surgery 8,600
Total hip replacement Surgery $25,000
Total knee replacement Surgery $24,000
Cataract removal Eye surgery $3,900