What People Say


To whom it may concern, I would sincerely like to recommend Mazda Financial Services for helping to set up our Trauma cover.

My wife had a Stroke 2.5 years ago and if we had not had the Buy Back scheme that is available with there Insurance Policies we would have had no cover when she was unfortunately diagnosed with Cancer. I contacted Fali as soon as we had the confirmation from the doctors and we were sent the claim forms straight away.

With some help from the Doctor (filling in the Diagnosis) we were able to send the claim in very quickly to Mazda and Partners Life and the claim was approved within the week.

This is the second claim we have had to make,(although we would have preferred not to have to claim for anything) but both times we have not had any difficulty in getting them approved..

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your professional and moral support while my wife had a major health condition.

Your knowledge and personal service sets you apart from any other insurance agent I have worked with. You know the pros, cons, and nuances of each plan and can explain them in detail.

We have been so pleased with Partners Life and his staff in managing our medical insurance needs. Partners Life is always very responsive and can sort out the various options in policies and coverage at a level I can understand.

Once again, I would like to thank you for the excellent service you continue to give. Your knowledge of the health insurance industry and your ability to communicate it concisely but thoroughly allows me to confidently make insurance decisions for my family. It is quite a relief to have such a resource.

I look forward to a long and rewarding relationship for all my future insurance needs.

We have known Mazda Financial Services Ltd for over six years now.

Fali Mistry of Mazda Financial Services Ltd, reviewed my insurances policies and helped me restructure my insurance policies, with the best advice for my family. His years of experience dose show through in his sound, honest yet affordable advice.

He has provided great, personalised and seamless service and reviewed the insurances, as circumstances change. He has always been prompt with his responses, and answers any quires even if he is away or overseas.

He excellent and personalised services did come to the forth when we were facing some health issues and he went above and beyond, in ensuring the claim process went smoothly and got it processed.

We, highly recommend, Mazda Financial Service Ltd, for their experience, knowledge and great and friendly services.

I want to express how much I appreciate your help and service through our Trauma and Medical claims. Thank you so much for all your mental and emotional support during very hard time of our life. You made the claim process very quick and smooth that help us on the right time of our financial help.

We always respect your guidance in past years and very great full to have you as our well wisher and insurance broker (Mazda Fianancial Service Ltd).

We highly recommend your service.

Once again thank you very much for everything.

I wanted to appreciate your extra ordinary assistance in managing our policies and inturn promptness in settlement of claim.

As you are aware, we are currently going through extremely difficult circumstances due to Vaishali's illness.

Insurance claims such as the ones we have submitted can be very daunting and time consuming especially when they get rejected due to lack of understanding from the insurance company. This can quite often influence on decision of treatment plan.

Your wealth of knowledge and power of influence has resulted in claims being processed promptly and bing accepted where they were incorrectly rejected.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you & Firozi all the very best in life.

We would like to thank you and put on record for all the support and guidance rendered to us when Harshad was sick in the hospital due to a Heart Attack in June, 2010.

We highly appreciate all the efforts that you have put into processing and settling Harshad's Trauma Claim with ING Life NZ Ltd.

While doing our Insurances with you, we had bestowed lot of trust in you and the advice that you provided to us, which was put to test and you have come out with flying colours.

We have always recommended you to our family, friends and colleagues and would continue to do so, as we have lot of faith and trust in the services that you have provided us earlier also and trust you would do the same in the future.

We wish you all the very best and trust you will continue to do good work that you have been doing all these years

I would like to thank you, for all your support and advice given to me and my husband Ramesh, when we had approached you for organizing our life insurances.

I appreciate the patience you had in convincing Ramesh to go for his life insurance, without which my family could have faced great financial hardships due to untimely death of Ramesh.

During this short tenure of our professional relationship with you and your company I highly appreciate the way you kept our life insurance active even when we were having severe financial problems at our end, as Ramesh had to undergo major Kidney Transplant Operation in February 2006.

I highly appreciate the efforts you and your wife Firozi put in for a speedy settlement of Ramesh's life claim within a month.

I highly recommend you and your company Mazda Financial Services Ltd to all my friends and relatives for securing their future financial needs, as I very strongly believe that if it was not for your perseverance and giving us the right advice at the right time, we would have to face great financial hardships.

I once again thank you sincerely for all you did for my family and I am sure you will aways be there to guide me and family from time to time for all their future financial needs.

I take this opportunity to thank both of you for moral support extended to me, while my wife Sadhana had suffered a major trauma (brain haemorrhage) while she was pregnant.

I appreciate, the swiftness with which you processed the Bereavement Support Benefit, which you had promised me, while arranging our Life Insurance.

I am also thank full to all the Staff and Claims Assessors at ING Life NZ Ltd, for a speedy processing of Sadhana's Life Claim in a very short period of around 10 working days though the policy was on their books for around 9-10 months.

Since, the day we met, I knew I could trust you and during this dire time, I never worried about the life claim for Sadhana, as you were besides me from day one of her sickness and later on during and after her untimely demise.

I once again thank all at Mazda Financial Services Ltd and ING Life NZ Ltd, for all your efforts extended to me and my family.

We thank you both for assisting us for processing our claim for Akash's cancer treatment.

We highly appreciate the efforts put in by both of you so that all our claims i.e. Medical, Mortgage Repayment, Trauma as well as Premium Cover claims were smoothly processed and were guided and supported very well at all times.

We would be surely recommending your names to our family and friends, as we are sure that if not for your correct guidance and assistance, we would have found these highly traumatic & tiring times very difficult.

Thank you for all your prompt assistance in this regard so far. Many thanks to Mr. Fali Mistry and Mrs. Firozi Mistry from Mazda Financial for emailing and faxing forms to and fro.

In stressful situation such a major medical claim, it is nice to be associated with people we can trust and rely on, to do whatever is needed so efficiently and promptly.

It's been a real privilege to have known you over the years.

Both Parbin and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you have done for us from starting our life and trauma policies till the payouts and beyond.

Your guidance and professionalism has been par excellence. Honestly, we did feel the pinch when you recommended and got us to take the Trauma policies with the various clauses, since the premiums were high. A number of our friends mentioned that we were paying too much. But looking back today, I can only be thankful to Waheguru ji that we listened to your advice. The benefit is evident now, when we have seen Parbin being diagnosed with MS and off late being unable to work due to her condition. Thanks to you , the insurance company has paid us the trauma cover amount and also the monthly premiums have stopped. This has eased a lot of burden on our household budget.

I want to acknowledge the assistance provided to me by Fali during my recent ordeal.

Fali has been a pillar of support for me throughout my surgery. As soon as I spoke to him about my impending surgery, he came over to visit me and guide me through my trauma cover application. Due to some confusion, there was a delay in the process, Fali himself spoke to the case officer to iron out the issue, so that the process could be hastened. He even went a few steps further and spoke to the MD of Partners Life to arrange for the quick release of the rest of trauma cover after surgery. Fali is an absolute professional and while his business is that of insurance, his priority is to provide a better life for his customers. Our family's relationship with Fali goes back almost 20 years now, and he will surely connect with us every year to see how we are doing and if he can make our lives that little bit easier, with his wonderful service.