Home Loan


At Mazda Financial Services Ltd., we help our clients to arrange the following type of Loans through all reputed banks and other financial institutions:

  • 1st Home Buyers Loan
  • Property Investment
  • Refinancing & Restructuring
  • Business Loans
  • Commercial Loans
  • Debt Reconsolidation
  • Construction Loans

Buying your 1st Home is a very stressful process, as people have many questions in their minds. So, at Mazda Financial Services Ltd, we take out the stress from this process by arranging a hassle-free Home Loan, all you must do is to search for your Dream Home. Please contact us to know more about how we can assist you to achieve your goal to become a Homeowner.

Property Investment – usually is the next process after buying your 1st home. This is a step towards creating wealth. Investment Property, should never be bought with the heart, but with a mind to ensure whether it is suitable for renting (good school zone, closer to transport facilities etc.), be cashflow positive etc.

Refinancing & Restructuring – both of this can be achieved when the existing loan period is about to expire/be renewed at the end of a fixed term period. Refinancing may involve transferring your loan from one bank to another and by doing so, take advantage of many favourable terms and conditions that are in your best interest. Restructuring your loan, we help you to reduce the cost of interest that you may pay to the bank over a long period of time. Please contact us to know more on how you can achieve this goal.

Business Loans – Are you purchasing a new business, or a start ups person or a franchise or need capital to invest in your current business to weather the cashflow crunch. we can also help arrange business loan, which will allow you to develop and grow your business. You may be able to get a whole or part of your loan at home loan rates. To know more, please contact us.

Commercial Loans – A Commercial Loan is a loan secured by a commercial property such as an office building, shopping centre, industrial warehouse, or a building in use to run a business such as dairy. Commercial property, in most cases is purchased with existing tenants and leases. We can guide you through this process. Please contact us to know more on this matter.

Debt Reconsolidation – Do not let your debts get out of control. A Debt Consolidation is availing Top up on Existing Home-Loan, in order to consolidated your Car Loans, Credit Card balances and Personal debts which usually attracts a very high interest rates like 18% to 20% p.a as Home loan could avail at very low interest rates as they are secured against your home Equity.

Construction Loans – is generally availed for a new build or extension to an existing property or if you have subdivided your existing land. We can guide you through this process, please contact us to know more.